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Heavy Weight Tarpaulins

Heavyweight tarpaulins are made for providing protection to objects kept outside. These UV Protected Black/Silver Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarpaulin 270gsm come with 12mm aluminium eyelets at intervals of 50cm having reinforced corners on all four sides These are fabricated from special materials as design differs from other types of tarps because of thick sheets and extra-strength edges. These waterproof tarps are mostly used to protect goods and other products from sunlight and weather conditions such as rain, snowfall, acidic rain etc. These sheets with extra-tough holes allow them to be held without getting torn and to be hung with the help of ropes. UV protected waterproof tarps can be bought at attractive rates which ensures that no compromise is made on quality and ensures won’t lose shape or get damaged when tarpaulin sheet is increased. This waterproof sheeting is required for heavy duty tarp. 

These UV Protected Green Tarpaulin 200gsm Woven Polyethylene Waterproof Tarpaulin are also popular for the applications where light penetration is required but cannot be seen through. These sheets are used in bad weather to protect goods and humanities items from storm, rain and debris. These tarps are also used as sliding roof tarps on trailers as well as Truck side-curtains. Sliding roof can uncover the load area of the trailer so that bulky goods can be loaded, with this tarps cover serving as a roof. Truck side-curtain tarps need to be flexible for easy sliding. The advantage of this tarp is that time is saved through fast loading as less tare for more payload.  These are also used as pool cover during winter months to prevent water, dirt and mud from filling in the pool. UV Protected Waterproof Brown/Blue Tarpaulins Heavy Duty 185gsm Tarps are used at large scales to protect goods on a large scale. Whenever goods need to be transported tarps are used as they are lightweight and best against weather and wind. These covers are available in different styles and colour schemes such as red heavyweight, white, green, and black/silver colours.

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