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Clear Tarpaulins

Clear Tarpaulins are great for projects where maximum light penetration is required. These come with aluminum eyelets having 50cm intervals on all four sides with PVC reinforced hems. Our Heavy Duty Waterproof Glass Clear PVC Tarpaulins – 310gsm are widely used to cover goods, side curtains or market stalls. These sheets underneath during building work or in the garden do not block light out while keeping the working area dry. These tarps are lightweight, environmentally friendly, easy to fold, no fading, wear resistant, super waterproof, no peeling and durable. These covers are ideal for applications such as industrial, agriculture, painting, homeowner, camping, storage and many more. A 170gsm White Flame Retardant Scaffold Sheeting is a large sheet of elastic and waterproof material, cloth such as canvas coated with polyurethane and made of plastic. These are used during painting to prevent mess and during construction of buildings and to contain and collect debris. 

These are manufactured to tolerance max. 5cm. Waterproof Clear Tarpaulin Durable Canopies Plant Rainproof Tarp  are also used for camping as it can be strung up in a few seconds as temporary shelter. It takes less space due to its flexibility and is easy to handle during journeys on mountain hills or on any kind of tour. Waterproof Clear Mono Cover Tarpaulin Sheet 100gsm PVC Tarp are used for disposing of large garden waste such as leaves or mowed grass and also cover the grass or any vegetable in bad weather like rain. The use of tarp in home gardens is that to cover leaky roots, collecting leaves, to cover when decorating or performing other DIY and are also used in soil polarization as heating up the soil may cause problems such as weeds, fungi, soil borne pests, and bacteria. These sheets are also used in cricket grounds as well. When garbage is thrown or some tools or weeds on grass and then you can easily protect it with this sheet. This also keeps the things off the grass and from getting lost and guarantees it’s clean and clear.