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Medium Weight Tarpaulins

Medium weight Tarps are high quality tarpaulins that provide protection from any kind of moisture, rain and water. These Green UV Proofed Tarpaulin With Eyelets 90g come with aluminum eyelets having metre intervals on all corners with plastic reinforcement rings and thick edges to attach them with ropes on one place most popular as market stalls and hay straw. Made from lightweight material, durable without getting damaged and are long lasting. These UV protected waterproof covers are ideal for covering products and sensitive items damaged from bad weather conditions and sunlight. These tarps having flame retardant properties can be used at places such as to avoid the chance of fire. These covers are widely used for covering roofing, hay, boat covers, horticulture and construction. These sheets allow approx. 70% light transmission and are ideal for application where work is done under the sheet. 

These Silver And Brown PVC Tarpaulin 210gsm can be used in winter and summer seasons to cover wood, wild animals and mostly campers used these as tents to protect from moisture. These are ideal as industrial tarp and vehicle covers. These are best for transportation as many companies use tarps to send their goods from one place to another. These covers are completely waterproof, shrink-proof, Rot-proof and UV protected. These sheets are best for covering vehicles such as cars, boats, trucks, trailers and are easy to handle as tarps take less space. White tarps are popularly used where light penetration is required as sheets cannot be seen through.  These sheets are available in different styles and colour schemes such as clear mono cover tarpaulins, Green Shrinkproof Tarpaulin UV Protected Mono Cover 170gsm Tarpaulin, white and red striped tarpaulins, blue and white tarpaulins, green and white tarpaulins. These covers are cost effective having great uses and long-lasting features as are washable.

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