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Bungee & Shock Cord

Bungee cord is made up of elastic material bound together by a fabric covering. This cord is fabricated from cotton or nylon yarn with natural rubber and is used by the military to absorb the opening shock of cargo parachutes when trickling heavy loads such as tanks and also used to tie down the equipment or luggage carried on the outside of the vehicle. Bungee cord is a low-cost, simple product with a large number of uses. This cord is better resistant to sunlight and air with less tensile strength. These are mostly used to secure objects without tying knots and to provide lightweight idiomatic for aircraft are inexpensive as are made from metal hooks are also used at large scale as to hook four straps together by a metal plate to tie the objects around various points. These cords are lightweight and easy to handle and are used for a long time without getting damaged. 

These are also used to secure the luggage and cargo on the roofs or cars and pickup trucks. These are common fixing methods which assist to keep tarpaulin in a fixed position to remain flexible. These cords with metal or plastic hooks around the boundary for securing non-uniform shaped loads of cargo and luggage on the roofs of cars and pickup trucks. This cord is used to attach the elasticated loop through an eyelet so that the ball fits against the eyelet to a fixed point. These cords are used in different applications such as media cables, computer cords and to attach phone, belt, backpack as well as Christmas lights or other decoration fences, posts etc. These wires are easy to install or remove and reusable. These are available in white and black and can be bought in multiple pack sizes. These are UV resistance having good weathering properties and durable high tenacity cover provides effective elastic reaction.