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50x Filled Polypropylene Sandbags Heavy Weight Flood Defense Sand Bags

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50x Filled Polypropylene Sandbags Heavy Weight Flood Defense Sand Bags

Filled Woven Polypropylene sandbags provide a cheap and convenient solution to flood protection. All our white poly sandbags are filled on site with kiln dried sand and are ready to be installed straight away. We keep large stocks of these in our warehouse and can respond rapidly to an emergency.

Our filled PP sandbags are available in 3 capacities to suit the following requirements:

12kg – The 12kg weight is generally used for traffic management uses as the 12kg capacity provides the perfect shape to fold over and hold down road and traffic signs.
15kg – Recommended weight for sandbags used for sandbag walls for flood protection. When the sandbag has some additional space, the bag will mould into any open gaps preventing any leakage points through the wall.
20kg –Filled to maximum capacity, these are perfect for any applications that require the extra heavy weight.
As contracted suppliers to the Environment Agency we have proven experience in managing both small and bulk orders and responding to emergencies, delivering filled sandbags at very short notice.


1. Size – 34x75cm
2. 750 denier woven polypropylene fabric, white, unprinted
3. Maximum UV additive
4. Tie string mouth
5. Stitched or tied once filled
6. Filled with either 12kg, 15kg or 20kg

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50 Bags – 34cm x 75cm x 12kg, 37 Bags – 34cm x 75cm x 20kg, 48 Bags – 34cm x 75cm x 15kg


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